'I Don't Want To Die All Alone' - A message of hope and a book to help over come the odds.
A Few Poems taken from 'I Don't Want to Die All Alone.'
I Lost
Now the time has come for me to die
Please don’t cry, or ask me why
On my way to a permanent vacation
GOD will help me out of this situation
One life to live, one life to die
Look to the sky, but the ground is where I want to lie
No more pity, all my life I’ve worried
Beside my little brother, is where I want to be buried
My feelings for death, seem to accelerate expeditiously
No time to waste, do you pity us, or me
Heaven or hell, GOD or satan, who cares
If I’m going to hell, ok, see you there
But if I happen to come back reincarnated
Don’t say “Joe, how in the hell did you make it”
Believe GOD will save every man’s soul
Sixty-five and seventy, won’t be considered old
Happiness and peace, for saints and sinners
In my new life, I will be a victorious winner
So little Joe, as I lay down my head 
If GOD is a good GOD, then I’ll be dead
Daddy loves you so dearly
Will keep a picture of you near me
Will cherish the short years we spent
Away I went, glad it’s you GOD sent
So precious in my eyes, so meaningful in my heart
Sorry, please forgive me, for breaking that apart
May twenty-six, nineteen ninety-one
GOD’s greatest gift to me was born
July eight, nineteen sixty-eight
That date, life is fate, now death is great
Inhale evil, then exhale hate
My heart is pumping ungratefulness, at a fast rate
Now you see why there’s no desire to live
But be in a place where there’s nothing to give
Look into my eyes, you’ll see everything but love
Selfishness, pestilence, inequity, I’m my own judge
Day in and day out, all my thoughts are about death
You pray for happiness, I’ll pray for a last breath
I can see you smiling, your wish must have come true
See I’m alive, so my guess, GOD must love you
They say if you pray, your prayers will be answered
You got your wish, guess mine was cancelled
GOD is the author of life and death
Here’s my life, now figure out what’s left
If a man is born, he will truly die
Everyone knows this, so when it happens, why cry
We act like GOD promised life with no death
Now we’re angry with HIM, for taking someone’s last breath
We curse GOD when someone is deceased
And say GOD why YOU do it, knowing HE’s the AUTHOR of PEACE
The LORD works in mysterious ways, as we know
So why treat HIM like a convenient overcoat
We put HIM on, when we need HIM, we take HIM off when we don’t
Praise HIM when HE’s good, and when HE’s not, we won’t
Take my life, I wish YOU would
Bow my head, now I am dead
Thank you LORD, for taking this life I dread
A Sista’s Nightmare
Beaten, battered, and bruised.
Mentally, physically, and sexually abused.
Yo tears drippin, while it`s 40`s brothas sippin.
The malt liquor is now his god, so he starts trippin.
No need to run, you let him exercise his manhood.
After anotha tormentful moment, he feels good.
Black power prints, indents the temple.
Near the same spot of the homemade dimple.
So now you limp away, to make it to freedom, your bed.
A two year old infant, watching blood drip from yo head.
Lying there stiff, scared to move a muscle.
More cussing is heard, you brace for another scuffle.
"Get yo lazy ass up and cook dinner" is heard from a distance.
"Oh GOD please let me die" is thought that instance.
A surge of energy burst through the body, dinner is cooked, time for him to eat.
A tired, worn out body, finds out that he’s asleep.
If you wake him, he’ll be mad, so you let him sleep.
If you don’t wake him, he’ll be mad, cause he didn’t eat.
The ginsu is still sharp, the smell of death is in the air.
It’s yo life or his, the zero hour is here.
On your knees with your kids, praying to GOD, hoping that you’re heard.
All is left behind, nothing, disappeared without a word.
Who’s to blame?
Who's to blame for all your pain.
If my being cease to exist, would you remain the same.
Tired of trying, hopelessly seeing you crying.
Once again my only way out is I see myself dying.
Putting you through a life of torment.
Never really experiencing childhood enjoyment.
Escaping misery, in exchange for living hell.
From day one, off and on, no I'm not living well.
Constantly grieving, your treatment sometimes inhumane.
Spending time feeling sorrow, only death will hide the shame.
Wondering what you think of me, as these days go by.
Why it's so easy to cry, but so hard to die.
Being punished for a life that was all but great.
Your fate is from my hate, at another's sake.
Being the fourth in line, you being a gift.
For the second, no burden, no carrying on, no fifth.
Choose another alias, the cycle of Joe's must end.
Then you'll maybe treat yours like a son, not a friend.
Oh how I dread to see you this way.
This day, this May, let's have it your way.
A smile so sweet when you're happy, how lovely.
A cry so sincere, my anger emits, how ugly.
The effects sometimes gruesome, how can I do this to my first?
Lord expel me from this life, this earth, this universe.
He means well, a nice kid, all I need to see me through.
What can I do for him to approve a love that's true.
Not wanting to grow old, or be a grouch, or a miser
Son I'll get more faith, your dad will be wiser.
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