'I Don't Want To Die All Alone' - About the Foundation
'I Don't Want To Die All Alone' - A message of hope and a book to help over come the odds.
James D Henderson

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.

The James D. Henderson Foundation
"Excellence in the Youth A Commitment to Graduate"
Helping today's youths to make it to the next level in life.
The foundation is designed to help with youth's that are at risk of not graduating, and those that did not graduate assistance with getting their diploma or equivalent. 
The foundation also focus on youth's that are gang members, drug sellers, or bully's, to renounce this behavior and become productive in society. If you know of youths that are trying to overcome this, direct them to this site for more information.

We also participate in community out reach, academic resource assistance, and neighborhood give back programs.

Contact us at [email protected]

Meet the Board

Joseph F Henderson III MBA-CPM

Karyn Quick

Cyrus Webb(CEO Shadow Play Entertainment)
Director of Public Relations

Tara Henderson(CEO/Founder Christian Early Childhood Education
Co-Founder of C.O.P (Children of Prayer)
Director of Child Development

Valerie Bonds


LaTasha Jefferson
CEO/Owner - On-Line Underwear Apparel

Joseph F Henderson IV
Executive Assistant to Joseph F Henderson III
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