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The long awaited follow up to I Don't Want to Die Alone

"Your Kids Don't Have to Die Alone"

A message for kids and young adults.

"James D Henderson Foundation

Excellence in the Youth. A Commitment to Graduate"

A required reading for all.

"If man is judged by what he gives to society, then how is society judged by what it gives to man" JFH

If you find this site worthy, send a comment. If you know someone in need of encouragement spread the word.

'I Don't Want To Die All Alone' is a book of hope.

Fans, supporters, and authors alike often ask why did I decide to write this book.

I could not come up with a single answer, because there were multiple challenges in my life.

To be honest this is a book that was not intended to be a 'book.'

A friend of mine from Michigan told me I had a lot of interested developments in my life and people should know about them. I said to myself, "Why would anyone care about what I have to say?"

She said my life was an inspiration to her and it could be to many others. I won't go into details about the book as you will read for yourself in the about the book and about the author link.

But the book was written for the parent that has a child that's at risk of joining a gang, wanting to sell drugs, didn't graduate, or possibly not graduating.

It's for the young adults that joined a gang to find love and a family but need to realize this is not the answer.

It's for the same gang member that's in a gang but do not know how to escape and fear retaliation from his so called homeboys.

It's for the girl, boy, or even adult that tried to commit suicide because ending it all seems to be a better choice.

It's for the drug pusher that believes the only way to obtain the finer things in life is to deal narcotics.

It's for the student that dropped out of school and feel they cannot go back and finish, then graduate from high school, then graduate from college, get a good job, then become a model citizen of society.

It's for the young girls that want to experience the street life only to find out males only want you for one thing. Misuse you, abuse you, then pass you along to the others in the group to do the same thing.

Whether young or old, read 'I Don't Want to Die All Alone', and it should inspire you.

Thank you so much for your support as we try to educate the youth to a better future.

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