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100 Books Campaign

James D Henderson Excellent in the Youth

A Commitment to Graduate Foundation

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues etc:

                                I work with the youth in the greater Jackson, MS metro area helping them to graduate or just being a mentor.

I also work with adults with young children in different states to share my experiences.

My main focus is to steer the youth from gang membership, gang affiliation, and a gang lifestyle.

Kids and young adults have a longing to feel part of something, or anything and gang membership is usually the outcome.

More kids are dropping out of school at an alarming rate and I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to quell this mentality.

My speech ‘Excellent in the Youth, A Commitment to Graduate’ to young kids and adults have been proven to make a change and make a difference in their lives.

My book entitled “I Don’t Want to Die All Alone” highlights how children at risk of not graduating, or did not graduate can transform their lives into something positive.

It also details how kids end up dropping out of school, turning to the streets, joining gangs, and selling drugs can be avoided.

My current project targets these at risk kids so hopefully they will not fall victim to the streets.

If you know of a child that’s at risk child please let me know.

We are asking concerned parents, teachers, mentors, etc., to buy a book, sign it with a message of hope and encouragement, so they can be given to these at risk kids to inspire them.

Or if you would like to just give a donation that will be used to purchase books to give then that is also ok.

To purchase a book, or contribute please send to

Excellence in Youth

PO Box 324

Clinton, MS 39060

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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